The 900 Calorie Myth: Why your Body Deserves Better

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I am horrified that anyone thinks it’s ok to only eat 900 calories or less per day. These celebrities should be ashamed of themselves.

Celebrity endorsements hold significant influence over public perception, especially among vulnerable individuals who might already be struggling with body image issues, self-esteem, and eating disorders. Promoting an unsustainable and unhealthy approach to eating can perpetuate a harmful cycle of disordered eating behaviours. It can trigger feelings of guilt,

shame, and anxiety surrounding food choices, potentially leading to a deterioration of mental well-being.

Promoting a daily intake of only 900 calories or less is deeply concerning and potentially harmful from both a physical and psychological standpoint. Our body needs nourishing food to survive. Our nutritional needs vary, based on factors like age, gender, activity level, and overall health.

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Emotionally, this kind of restriction can have a huge effect on our mood leaving us depressed, angry and anxious, our self esteem (when it fails as it’s difficult to sustain) and our body esteem.

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When you involve your children in such restrictive eating practices, it is deeply concerning and inappropriate, as it can have serious physical and psychological consequences on her growth and development. Introducing them to extremely low-calorie foods not only deprives them of essential nutrients, but also sends harmful messages about body image and self-worth at such a vulnerable age. This can undoubtedly increase the risk of developing unhealthy relationships with food, negative body image, and even eating disorders.

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